Officers' Memorial Day


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Friday, May 15 is Peace Officers's Memorial Day. This is a time for family, friends, and partners to take the time to remember those who died in the line of duty. Line of duty deaths are especially difficult, because the loved ones who died, did so while serving their community, often times for complete strangers. However, that did not deter those peace officers from wanting to carryout their duties. This Friday the men and women of the San Gabriel Police Department will honor two of their own fallen heroes; Officer Elmer H. Griffin (right), who was shot to death on February 7, 1926 and Officer Alvin W. Haynes (left), who was struck and killed by a DUI driver on September 6, 1933. Although it has been several decades since both officers died serving the City of San Gabriel, their deaths are no less important to those of us who continue to risk our lives each day and serve with pride and dignity.

Memorial Day
Hattiesburg Officer Tate and Deen

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