2016 Baker to Vegas First Place Winners!

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First Place to Team San Gabriel, Vernon, and Pasadena City College Police Department's Running Team.

Congratulations to the running team from the San Gabriel, Vernon, and Pasadena City College police departments, by winning 1st place in their division. Team 90 completed the grueling 120 mile long relay race at the annual Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay Race. Hundreds of running teams from law enforcement agencies around the world compete for the coveted 1st place mug. The 20 member team from San Gabriel, Vernon, and PCC made their respective departments very proud by completing the race with a total time of 16 hours and 15 minutes.

For about half of the race Team 90 was in 3rd place behind the Murrieta and Baldwin Park police departments. However, with grit and determination, Team 90 was able to pass the Baldwin Park runners and take over 2nd place. Team 90 showed the Murrieta team that all of their hard work throughout the year would pay off, and they were able to pass Murrieta and assume the lead at leg number 14. Team 90 was able to increase their lead with each mile they ran. Detective George Cortez was the final runner and as the elder statesman from the San Gabriel Police Department, he finished strong; showing some of the younger runners what experience looks like.

Thank you to all who participated in this event and to those who volunteered their time to assist the team achieve their victory. Special thank you goes to Steve Gaona and Allen Sam, who went the extra mile in coordinating everything leading up to and including the race. Our success would not have been possible without everyone's hard work. Go Team San Gabriel!


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2016 Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay

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